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Our Mission

San Diego Navy Aircraft Carrier USS Midway Serves Men & Women in Uniform

The USS Midway Museum not only honors the legacy of those who have served America but is a resource for those in uniform today. Visitors to the museum often have the opportunity to watch a young man or woman re-enlist on the flight deck or see an authentic change-of-command or inspirational retirement ceremony.

Theses traditions illustrate America's values of strength, freedom, and peace for the entire family. Check the "Today's Events" schedule at the museum's entrance each time you visit the USS Midway Museum.

Honoring America's Veterans

The USS Midway Museum is dedicated to preserving and honoring the 200,000 young men who served aboard the USS Midway--and by extension all those who serve in uniform. They pioneered new naval aviation standards. They led successful humanitarian missions. And they protected America. We believe it is vital that we preserve their heritage for future generations. The USS Midway is striving to become America's living symbol of freedom.

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